Tag Force was founded in 2024 by the folks behind JET EYES. We cut up surplus government and military vehicles and equipment into tags that can be used as bag tags or collected as neat pieces of history. We started Tag Force to honor other aspects of military and government service beyond aviation, and to create neat artifacts from these historic items.


We release a new series of 3 tags on the first Tuesday of every release month. Each series is themed, based on the equipment/vehicles chosen or the era in which they served. Each tag in the series may have different variants and color options.

The tags in each series may be purchased individually, or as a full set if you order within the first seven days after the series is released.

A full set is one of each tag in the series and is priced at 20% off the lowest priced tags from that series. The color or variant of the tags in a full set are random, but we’ve tossed in some special Easter egg tags amongst the full sets. The full sets all come with matching serial numbers, meaning all 3 tags in each full set will have the same serial number (3,3,3 for example). The full sets will also represent the lowest serial numbers for each release. 

The number of full sets available for each release will vary, is never published, and is dependent on the number of tags represented by the rarest variant for that release. MOST of the rarest variant for each release will be included in the full sets, with only a couple offered up as individual tags. If the full sets do not sell out within the first week, what's left will be added to the individual tag inventory. 

Additionally, each release will feature 3 bullseye full sets. A bullseye full set contains the 3 most premium tags offered for that release. The bullseye full sets are fulfilled randomly, but to qualify for one, you must place an order on launch day (the first Tuesday of each release month). 

All tags are cut from surplus government or de-militarized components purchased at auction or scrap/boneyards, and are fabricated in our Pensacola, FL workshop. 

Please check out our Facebook and Instagram pages and be sure to join the Tag Force Collectors and Fans Group on Facebook.